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The 60 Day Transformation Nutrition Plan (e-Book)


Product Description

Why The 60 Day Transformation?  

There are so many “programs” from which to choose.  What sets it apart from the rest? First of all, it is NOT A DIET; it is a lifestyle change.  Secondly, it is a sustainable program that will indeed transform your health and wellness.  We use easy step-by-step guides that yield long-term positive health results, which may include the benefits of increased strength, stamina, improved mental clarity and,YES, even Fat Loss!

We have seen these results in individuals, couples and even families as they join together to make the change.  Whether you are a meat-eater or vegetarian this plan works for all and bridges the gaps that are noted exclusions in other programs.

To get you started today, we ask you to consider just one goal at a time and keep in mind we are all on different parts of our journey.  The pending changes, improvements and even transformations are unique to who we are as individuals.  We are confident you will love the results!

Getting started…

According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, ‘Transformation’ is the act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed.  So, how does one go about being ‘transformed’?   There is so much said about our genetic make-up and how we are ‘programmed’ for this disease or that disease in our genes, and there is very little that we can do about it.  Somewhere along the line, we have bought into the lie that we cannot be overcomers; that our genetics rule us and therefore, we cannot make a difference with the choices we make with our health.  Even the human genome project has produced conclusive evidence that less than 1% of diseases are due to heredity. Instead, researchers have found that genes can either be turned on or turned off by lifestyle and environment factors. In other words, we can either promote the genes that cause disease, or turn off the genes that promote disease based on our choices. This is exciting information to know!

In health, patterns are often embraced by society.  We, too often, assume that science is pure and untainted truth.  We also generally assume the government will protect us from any harm and has policing agencies that always put measures into place to assure our health and the well-being of our family.  As a society we are led to believe the marketing on food labels is factual and true, and base our healthy purchases on the given information. 

In this 60 Day Transformation, we will teach you step by step how to overcome your own programming by setting new patterns of health and wellness, one day at a time.  Each week will bring new and exciting goals. We encourage you to be open minded, embrace change for good and take the challenge to be in charge of your health.  You have already taken the first step!  We are here to see you through and witness the TRANSFORMATION!

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  1. If you are serious about your health, this program is what you need 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2014

    This is one of the best step-by-step health plans that I've seen. The steps are broken down into simple and easy chunks because the focus is on long-term health. This isn't a fad diet. It's the real deal.

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